Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Squirrel RIding Chicken

I can never pass up an opportunity to draw a chicken.

The kids are still rather enthusiastic about Clumsy Ninja by Natural Motion Games. 
They have each managed to attain a level of 30 out of a possible 99.  Clearly, many more hours could be spent not doing homework or playing outside.

They particularly enjoy some of the minor characters in the game like the Squirrel and the Chicken.
I am not entirely clear on the role that these animals play.  I think they might actually give the Ninja assignments, but they seem mostly to provide companionship and comic relief.  On occasion, the rodent rides the poultry, which is a highlight for our kids.

When my younger son asked me to draw them, I am sure he meant me to copy the image from the game, but my selfish compulsion to draw a realistic chicken won the day.

The critters in the game are much cuter.

(You can see my other poultry napkins that were unpopular with my son at this link...particularly the very similar, and very unloved, zombie baby riding a chicken)

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