Monday, June 11, 2018

Fortnite Rogue Agent Birthday Card

This is another mother/son collaboration card.

The birthday kid’s Fortnite skin is Rogue Agent, therefore, this.

Sadly, none of my son’s friends favor the more outlandish, more entertaining to draw, Fortnite skins like, say, Cuddle Team Leader or Leviathan.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Fortnite Birthday Card Collaboration

Sadly, not a napkin, just plain old paper

When the gift for a good friend is a lame gift card... you might have to make an extra special card. 

Rust Lord is the birthday kid’s favorite skin in Fortnite  so he seemed like the appropriate bearer of birthday greetings.

I drew the ink outlines and my son did the color. He did a much nicer job than I would have. I would have been all wrapped up in the light problem with the glowing candles reflecting off the helmet and such...and past experience indicates that I probably wouldn’t have been able to make any of that work.

There are more birthdays coming up, (with more lame gift cards) so perhaps there will be more such Mother/Son collaborations.

Friday, May 25, 2018

Turbo and Deadpool

The super speed healing man and the super speed mollusc:

We still haven’t seen Deadpool 2 yet. 
My sons are suffering mightily. 

And loudly.

But we did see the more age appropriate snail with Deadpool’s voice way back in 2013.

(Did you remember that Ryan Reynolds was Turbo? 
Are you now as irritated as my sons were when I reminded them?)

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Mercenary/ Furry Acroyogo

Aspirational Yoga: Wade and Cuddle Team Leader get their namaste on. (Characters our kids have been deprived of do some acroyoga that we are not capable of)

Deadpool 2 opened and somehow we haven’t seen it yet. I haven’t figured out how I am going to fast forward through the parts inappropriate for an 11 year old in the theater.

And, curmudgeon that I am, I refused to give my older son $20 to purchase the Cuddle Team Leader skin in Fortnite.

But I drew this napkin. 

Because every mother wants provide her sons with an picture of an amoral violent superhero and a sexy furry...?

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Birthday Card/Couch

Birthday Napkin for a Significant Birthday:

I was lacking an appropriate gift for a kind and generous relative who has often been particularly kind and generous to my sometimes apparently ungrateful sons.

Napkin: The answer to every problem. 
(Or perhaps not.)

We are past the point where I can get the kids to make charming decorated cards.  Let’s face it, a card perfunctorily scrawled by a disgruntled 15 year old is definitely less winsome than a cute drawing labored over by a six year old.

How winsome is a drawing on a napkin produced by a perpetually disgruntled middle aged woman?

Best not to answer that. 

Suffice it to say: we do cherish the recipient, and I definitely meant well. 

And there is always the chance that a drawing will turn out better when I produce it quickly under a time pressure.

Yes, that sometimes happens. Not frequently.

(I was in fact trying to make the family couch say happy birthday...if that is unclear)

Sunday, May 13, 2018


Mother’s Day Grandsons

Enforced Brotherly Togetherness for Mother’s Day:

My sons’ gift to me for the holiday was to pose for an image for my mother. 

They had to cooperate and be in quite close proximity for at least a couple of minutes without trying to stand on each other’s heads. 

This is a challenge that could only be surmounted on an official holiday.

Perhaps it was fortunate that Grandma was not here to observe the “friendly” wrestling that occurred immediately after the picture with the napkin was taken.

Happy Mother’s Day to all who try to take care of other people.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Deadpool and Jack Jack

Successful Childcare Always Requires Some Invulnerability...or at the very least accelerated healing.

Deadpool 2 and The Incredibles 2 are movies we are looking forward to right now. Our sons like the idea of the multi-super-powered baby running his less super father ragged almost as much as they love the promise of sarcastic violence and inappropriate sexual content in Deadpool.

It seemed to me that, while he might be extremely unqualified to babysit, Wade might be one of the few supers who might survive an evening alone with Jack Jack....without cookies anyway.

My younger son points out that I should have drawn Jack Jack’s lasers blasting through the top of Wade’s head rather than just having set his suit on fire.  

I am sure that would be more, ahem, “accurate” to the nature of the baby’s lasers. And more in keeping with the Deadpool genre. And more appropriate for the childcare theme: taking care of an infant can simultaneously make one feel as if one has brain damage and that one might benefit from a lobotomy. 

But my sons read these posts, so for the record, neither child has ever set one of their parents’ heads on fire, ever. Or been the verifiable cause of definite, diagnosable, parental brain damage.

Not that we couldn’t use some invulnerability and speed healing, both literally and metaphorically.

Chewy and Rocket

You can never go wrong with a furry sidekick: 
Chewie (or is it Chewy?) and Rocket affirm how much they have in common

...though the raccoon looks a bit concerned about the situation.

Probably what my sons really like most about these two is their weapons, not their furry charm.

This one was for Star Wars Day (May the fourth be with you) ...but it did not get finished or posted then as dinner has to get made, even on Star Wars Day.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Unicorn, Raptor, Wade, Rocket and Groot

Much anticipated spring movie characters with weird, awkwardly drawn, pink furry unicorn:

Yes of course we saw the Avengers Infinity War. 

And we will not miss Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom, no matter how ridiculous the premise necessary to allow dinosaurs the opportunity to eat humans again.

Deadpool 2 presents another challenge. 

We were able to all watch the first Deadpool movie courtesy of some fancy editing by mom on the iPad. While our eleven year old son has definitely viewed more material inappropriate for his age than I care to admit here... I will probably have to put the popcorn bucket over his head if we see the movie in a theater.

Monday, April 30, 2018

Person in Boxes

The cliche that small children always enjoy the box that a gift came in more than the gift itself was certainly true here. 

Now that the kid is no longer so small, there might be something more strange going on. (No gifts involved.)

Monday, April 23, 2018

Bros in Bowls

(They hate it when you tap on the glass)

Recently, the Leviathan skin in Fortnite was of great interest to our older son, (that’s Levianthan on the left) But unfortunately, he did not have the funds to purchase the fish head for gameplay.

Leviathan was purportedly inspired by Minion from the 2011 DreamWorks movie Megamind. (That’s the one with the gorilla suit on the right)

But Leviathan also reminded us of Fish from “Fish N Chips” a comic by Steve Hamaker, unsurprisingly, the one in the middle.

And there was also Fish, a character from “Chicken Little” a rather misguided effort from Disney back in 2005. Our older son was absolutely fixated on “Chicken Little” around age three, and in a Stockholm Syndrome sort of situation, after endless viewing, I learned to love it also. And it has Fish, who is based on the children’s book “Fish Out of Water” (also obsessed over here at our house many years ago). Fish wears a sort of reverse diving helmet/bowl on his head. His pal and classmate, Chicken Little reminds their friends: “They hate it when you tap on the glass” (I may still have all of the movie’s dialogue memorized)

But, sad to say, that Fish did not have a cool robot body, so he is excluded here, despite being the likely source of our affection for fishy persons wearing helmet bowls.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Dumbo Octopus

Grimpoteuthis: Dumbo Octopus:

The subject of our younger son’s science report last week. I think there was a Power Point involved.

After five minutes of googling, I gather that there are 13 species within this genus of “pelagic umbrella octopuses” who vary in appearance, but all have the Dumboish fins/ears.

And, yes, apparently it is “Octopuses” and not “Octopi”...a word I have been mispluralizing for my entire life. Octopus is not Latin in origin, but rather Greek. Which would make it “Octopodes” in the plural. But the standard English plural is -“puses”

Or so I just read. 

My son is not terribly interested in this plural debate. 

And he told me I made the Dumbo unrealistically colorful, which is a definite possibility.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Raven from Fortnite

Raven from Epic Games’ Fortnite busts a move on a Tilted Tower:

There’s been a lot of Fortnite around here lately. The skins (playable character appearances) are amusing and quite good at extracting allowance funds from adolescent boys. Last week, both kids were desperate  to have Raven for the remarkably steep price of $20. I still have trouble getting my mind around the concept of the purchasing of virtual appearances within a limited virtual world....but clearly this is a very lucrative business model.

Though now that I have drawn Raven, my kids have moved on and are no longer even slightly interested.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Eight-limbed Monster

(Or, Fleece Onesies Inspire Late Night Hysteria)

When you are a saucy, parent-taunting adolescent, somehow, there is nothing so gratifying as dancing around in an infantalizing fleece suit long after your aggravated parents have insisted you should go to bed.

Our older son previously derived an immeasurable amount of pleasure from refusing to take off his Deadpool onesie for days on end. I’m not convinced that the plastic fleece was really all that comfortable, but it sure irritated his father.  

The skeleton onesie did not inspire quite so much devotion/irritation, but it was definitely good for a joint party of twerking and parent tweaking.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The Three Star-Lords

I neglected to post this one in a timely fashion:

The Easter Bunny, incredibly overindulgent holiday character that he (or she) is, hid Funko Pop minis inside some of the plastic eggs found in our living room Easter morning....(Along with those organic jelly beans than no one really likes since the bunny takes direction from the kids’ killjoy of a mother)

Unfortunately, given the nature of blind boxes, 3 out of the 4 Guardians of the Galaxy boxes were occupied by Star Lords.

Which made me think of The Three Stooges... my apologies to Chris Pratt.

Sibling Togetherness

Coincidentally for National Sibling Day, a drawing of brief brotherly togetherness facilitated by microwaves (YouTube via WiFi)

There is not so much physical togetherness going on now in the hardcore throes of adolescence. But there used to be much more. I can’t reveal too much here without inspiring embarrassed hostility from my kids. (The very  idea of indulging in cute cuddling with ones annoying brother, even in the dim dark days beyond recall...just not  cool, Mom.)

But, when it does happen, I enjoy seeing instances of physical proximity that might even border on affection.... 

And I always enjoy an opportunity to draw something that might visually suggest physical malformation...

Sunday, April 8, 2018

General Ogun and I-r0k

Skull Brothers: 
“Who Wore it Better?”
Or, “Separated at Birth?”

I-r0k, played by TJ Miller in the recent movie version of Ready Player One strangely has much in common with General Ogun from Jason T Kruse’s “World of Quest”

Like “Quest,” Ernest Cline’s original novel was one of our younger son’s favorite reads...  Even though I-r0k is a rather minor character and I don’t remember anything about what he was wearing....

Really, one can never go wrong with a skull body.

(You can see a previous napkin appearance for General Ogun from back in 2013 at this link)