Thursday, July 2, 2015

Emperor Palpatine and the Mosasaurus Celebrate the Fourth of July

Star Wars Rides Dinosaurs #10:
Palpatine shows his patriotic spirit with red, white and blue force lightning.

Minions Offer an independence Day Bomb Pop to the T-Rex

Bombs Away.

Our kids love Bomb Pops. These popsicles offer an opportunity to dye one's face (and shirt...and shoes) both red AND blue. 

During my early, optimistic parenting years, I often tried to deny my sons the sublime pleasures of hideously artificially dyed frozen treats..."Sure, you can have an Ice, Sweetheart, as long as it's Coconut." Success was limited. In fact, my parents have a multi-photo picture frame that displays a series of snapshots of their grandsons sticking out variously artificially pigmented red, blue, and black tongues.

I'll bet Minions and extinct reptiles don't worry about artificial food coloring in their popsicles.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Jawa and Apatosaurus

Insipid malice on a big dinosaur:
Star Wars Rides Dinosaurs #9

That's "OOO- Teee-Nee" if you need pronunciation guidance.
See the text with the Ewok below, if you want to know how this one happened.

Wicket the Ewok Rides a Dimorphodon

Malicious Insipidity Rides Again:
Star Wars Rides Dinosaurs #8

While we were discussing who should ride what next in the Star Wars/ Jurassic World series, the two kids ended up having a nasty little spat.  I was having trouble deciding who to put on the Mosasaurus, (the giant aquatic dinosaur who solves the Indominus Rex problem at the end of Jurassic World) so I suggested to them that maybe it should be an Ewok.

And of course if there is an Ewok anywhere, as far as my sons are concerned, it has to be saying "Yub Yub!" This idea of a napkin with an Ewok saying "Yub Yub!' was so entrancing that each of the two kids insisted that he had to have it. As usual, their logic was persuasive but contradictory.  The younger kid argued that the Star Wars Rides Dinos series was his, so he should have it. The older kid argued that it wasn't fair for his brother to have the whole series and that he should get to have at least one.

The situation started to devolve quickly, and since the kids were riding in the cargo bike at the time, I couldn't allow much pinching and poking to transpire without all of us ending up horizontal in the street.  I used my best "how to deal with toddlers squabbling over the same toy" tactic:  Rather than wisely mediating the conflict, I just introduced another variable: "So what do you think a Jawa should be riding when he says "Utinni!"?

The older kid was immediately mollified by the idea of having a Jawa saying "Utinni!" on his napkin.  While the younger one wanted that one too, he was satisfied with his ownership of the Ewok saying "YubYub!"

Crisis averted: everyone would have a drawing of a little creature saying some cute nonsense.  The dinosaurs were kind of beside the point.  Neither ended up on the Mosasaurus....I'm thinking maybe Emperor Palpatine....

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

C-3PO Rides a Gallimimus

Star Wars Rides Dinosaurs #7:

According to the Jurassic World website "Gallimimus" means "Chicken mimic"
These dinosaurs are shown running in a large flock in both the first "Jurassic Park" and the recent "Jurassic World"...probably as a call-back to the original film.

It seemed like an appropriate mount for the fussy, bumbling droid. I tried looking at pictures of people riding ostriches to try to get a feel for C-3PO's riding position, without much success... But, wow, there are a lot of pictures of people riding ostriches. I had no idea it was such a popular activity.

Nightmare Foxy from FNAF 4 Rides a Pink Fluffy Unicorn

The Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse?
(Yes, this combination was a specific request from my somewhat perverse older child.)

Apparently there is another iteration of the horror video game "Five Nights at Freddy's" (fnaf to the initiated) in the offing. And perhaps the murderous animatronic animals in the game have decomposed further. There is a picture of Foxy, one of these characters, circulating on the web,  which displays mostly glowing eyes and scary teeth.

If you have any interest in this song, you can read what little I discovered about it in a post from 2013 about a previous misguided pink fluffy unicorn napkin.

It might be best to stay away from the actual song, depending on your tolerance for slightly ironic insipidity.

Below is the "My Little Pony" version of the unicorn and the Foxy picture:

Monday, June 29, 2015

R2-D2 Rides the Ankylosaurus

Astromech Astride an Ankylosaurus:
Star Wars Rides Dinosaurs #6

I had a rationale as to why I drew Artoo on this particular dinosaur...but I can't imagine that anyone really wants to read about it.

Suffice it to say that Ankylosaurs appear in "Jurassic World" in a somewhat memorable fashion and seemed to deserve inclusion in the napkins series.

Minions with Deadpool

"Bring me the head of Deadpool" something you might say to your Minions.

When I was posting the previous Deadpool napkin, I asked if he could regenerate after being digested. I was helpfully informed that he could revive "even from a puddle." But what if his head is separate from his body... does the body sprout out of the head, or does he have to wait for reunification?  I have no doubt that someone will educate me if I post this image somewhere like Instagram.

My son's partner in Deadpoolery has moved on to basketball camp this week, so there was a good bit less enthusiasm for Mr. Wilson, intact or not.

With all the advertising for the upcoming movie, however the kids are still pretty enthusiastic about Minions.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Hera from Star Wars Rebels on Pteranodon

Star Wars Rides Dinosaurs #5:

I have not been following "Star Wars Rebels," the latest animated Star Wars TV show, very carefully. Hera Syndulla is one of the band of rebels, and I think, the captain and pilot of their ship. She is a Twi'lek,  one of the humanoid, but not human, species in the Star Wars universe. This means, (fun facts that I just learned on the "Wookiepedia" today) that parts of her brain are located in her "head-tails" and that her eyebrows are tatooed on.

I felt I had been shirking the color possibilities of the dinosaurs in the series so far, making them all an amorphous grey/green. Of course, no one knows for sure what sort of coloring would be accurate....

The color scheme definitely got away from me on this one.  The greyish green solution looks pretty good in retrospect.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Yoda Rides a Triceratops

Star Wars Rides Dinosaurs #4

I thought about really keeping things small and drawing Yoda on a baby Triceratops. There is a charming scene in "Jurassic World" where kids ride saddled mini-dinosaurs in a petting zoo.

But it was a two napkin evening that night. I had already expended too many resources stuffing Deadpool into the Indominus Rex's mouth, so I did not want to have to draw the boring parts of this dinosaur.  Perhaps it is an adolescent Triceratops, it's too small to be an adult....I think.

Yoda does not need to grandstand on a big predatory dinosaur because....he's Yoda.

...and size matters not.

Deadpool Poses with the Indominus Rex

The Merch with the mouth sits in a mouth.
But can he regenerate after digestion?

My older son has been hanging out with a real Deadpool enthusiast at summer camp. The character is always popular with our kids because he is so age-inappropriate. But lately, we've seen a notable surge in Deadpool fandom.

Wade's regenerative abilities enables the wonderful over the top gratuitous violence that my sons enjoy so much. This is not unlike movies Like "Jurassic World" where one might argue, the whole point of the enterprise is to devise increasingly ridiculous and horrible ways for people to be killed by dinosaurs.

Our sons are going to be really annoyed when the Deadpool movie is finally released and they are too young to see it. 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Blogs From Germany

"Even artists have to lubricate the school bread for their children."
 The napkins received a little online exposure from Germany, leading to some fun with Google Translate.

Katja Hentschel, a writer for the German lifestyle blog Glowbus, was briefly a sitter for our older son, long ago when he was an only child.  She wrote a nice little piece about us and the napkins, generously making our family sound a whole lot more cool than we were.... or are.

You can see her blog post here: 
Glowbus Blog
And you can  read the Text of Katja's blog post courtesy of Google Translate.

Because of Katja's nice post, we heard from the German edition of Wired Magazine.
They asked me and the kids to respond to a questionnaire for a series that translates as "Network Famous"
You can see the questionnaire in German here: German Edition of Wired Magazine
And you can read the text of the article in English  both the original answers that I submitted, and a very amusing translation courtesy of Google Translate)

Killeraptor from Monster Legends

A Dinosaur that does not live in "Jurassic Park"

The Monster Legends Wiki says that Killeraptor is "a monster dinosaur designed for the extermination." My older son was initially excited about him because he thought he had robot arms. I would certainly not claim to be an authority, but it looks like just arm armor to me.

I was grateful that I did not have to draw anyone riding this one.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Ahsoka Tano Rides the Spinosaurus

The Apprentice Returns on a Spinosaurus:
(Star Wars Rebels meet Jurassic Park/World #3)

I did not consult the kids on this one, but somehow it made sense to me to put Ahsoka on the big bad of the third Jurassic Movie. Perhaps that movie is not fresh in your mind. I certainly could not remember it until I saw it recently. It is likely that I never saw it at all when it was released in 2001. At any rate, the Spinosaurus makes several appearances, eats several people, part of a plane and, presumably, a T-rex that it has killed.

I thought Ahsoka deserved a powerful dinosaur capable of vanquishing a Tyrannasaurus.  The Jurassic Park Spinosaurus also has a rather decorative skin with blue and orange markings on its "sail," so I hoped it would go nicely with Ahsoka's decorative "headtails." Sady, I did not have time to deal with dinosaur markings last night and had to more or less resort to amorphous dino grey/green.

The boys were very excited to see Ahsoka's reappearance in the recent episode of Star Wars Rebels. She was a big hit in the previous series, The Clone Wars. She appeared on several of my younger son's napkins long ago in the days before I started posting them here. Ahsoka was even so cool that my older son's best friend and Star Wars play pal was willing to "be" Ahsoka while my son was being Captain Rex or Anakin Skywalker. Unfortunately, the younger brother eventually received the message from his preschool classmates that it was not cool to like Ahsoka because, you know, she was not male.

Below is one of his Ahsoka napkins from 2008 or 2009, before gender conformity set in (and back when I was more sane and spent no more than 5 minutes on the drawings)

And one from three years later that did not go to school because it was deemed to be too icky:

I am also pleased to see Ahsoka's return.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Vapwhirl from Monster Legends

I had big plans for this one.  I found some nice images of fire tornadoes online and was thinking about adding some realism to the picture.

Ha. I was lucky just to rough this out and get it in the general ballpark of the appearance of Vapwhirl in the game.

My son was no doubt pleased that it looked like the game anyway.

Star Wars' Ezra Bridger Rides Blue from Jurassic World

This is definitely the Velociraptor that you are looking for:
The kid with blue hair rides the blue raptor.

My younger son told me last night that "Star Wars Rebels characters riding Jurassic World dinosaurs is the thing that we are doing now."  Well, alright. Since Star Wars Jedis are supposedly able to use the "Jedi Mind Trick" to control animals, I guess this is as plausible as anything else that goes on here.

We are crossing corporate boundaries, however. My older son opined that perhaps a series of Star Wars and Jurassic World team ups might be a bad idea as it could encourage Disney to purchase the Jurassic Park franchise also. (Because these napkins are so very influential!) I explained that Jurassic World was a Universal property at the moment and was therefore probably safe from Disney.

Ezra, the teenage star of Rebels, was the obvious choice for the next napkin.  The kids debated who he should be riding, but I have to say that Blue from the "Raptor Squad" was really the only choice.

My son did not like Ezra's riding position. I did not bother to explain that I was trying to hide as much of his body as possible so I would not have to draw it.

This two napkins a night thing is definitely not going to work out.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Darth Vader Rides the Indominus Rex from "Jurassic World"

Don't underestimate the power of the dark side:

I did not have much success putting members of the cast of "Inside Out" on dinosaurs yesterday, but "Star Wars" characters seem to be another matter. The first new episode of "Star Wars Rebels" rolled out over the weekend, so the Sith Lord was an obvious choice for dino riding today.

I haven't had an opportunity to draw Darth Vader since my older son's obsession with "Star Wars" 7 or 8 years ago. I've missed the reflective possibilities in his helmet. Despite my parents' general polite lack of interest in Star Wars, they had a very realistic, wearable, Darth Vader helmet in their office since the early 80's. Perhaps my soft spot for the helmet really has more to do with that.

The Vader helmet attended a 5th birthday with Grandpa a few years ago:

Pandalf From "Monster Legends"

If Ian McKellen were a green-eyed Panda:

Our older son is still hard at work on the Monster Legends game. Apparently Pandalf, "part wizard, part panda," according to the Wiki is a desirable character. I cannot speak to his particular attributes, but I would like to report that the egg that he hatches from has both a beard and a hat on it, which seems peculiar.

I tried to cludge together a realistic panda and the obvious source material, Gandalf from the Lord of the Rings. The Panda wizard has multiple forms, and is, of course, cuter in the game than my drawing.  

My son would like me to add that he named his Pandalf, "Gandalf" in what is either a total failure of imagination, or some sort of meta-simplicity.

This drawing was perhaps a bit slapdash, as we had a couple of people from the Today show over for a visit last week. I had to cook it up on the spot and draw it under a hot light with a camera hanging over my shoulder.  

But let's be honest, the real problem was performance anxiety.