Sunday, June 14, 2015

Superman Birthday Cake

While I might qualify as a professional drawer-on-napkins at this point. (if there could ever possibly be such a thing) I am definitely an amateur when it comes to frosting cakes. 

Our  kids' aunt requested a frosted Superman cake for her husband's recent notable birthday. This seemed only fair and symmetrical as I had squirted a lot of frosting on a Wonder Woman cake for her notable birthday a couple of years ago. 

Just in case it is not clear: these cakes are supposed to be portraits of these individuals dressed as the characters, not just inaccurate portrayals of superheroes. My sons were not terribly impressed, and told me that I made their uncle look more like Stan Lee than Superman. And they agreed that their aunt's cake had been more attractive.  (For the record, that cake was photographed under more flattering light conditions..... but, yes, it was a better looking cake. Perhaps that is for the best.)

Much to our younger son's distress, we had to leave the birthday party before the cake was served, so we did not get to see Uncle Myles/Clark/Superman lit up in a humorously politically incorrect fashion with a single candle cigarette-style in his mouth.  More apocalyptically, from an 8 year old's perspective, we did not get to eat any cake.

I'm am not proud to say that had I reserved a extra bowl of plain frosting at home just for this sort of disaster.

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