Thursday, March 10, 2016

Chucky-Bucky-Rubber Ducky

PuppyMonkeyBaby Drawing Project #5

My kids have not seen any of the Chucky movies. I am hoping to keep it that way for as long as possible. They seem rather well informed about who Chucky is nonetheless.

Bucky Barnes, aka "The Winter Soldier," is of course a favorite around here. My older son can provide chapter and verse about what is going to happen in the next Captain America movie, versus what has occurred in the comic books. I am pretty sure he gets this information from Youtube commentators and, ahem, not from the "primary sources."

We don't have any rubber ducks around anymore.  Once upon a time, we certainly did... and then some.  We even had a series of superhero rubber ducks. There is a disturbingly vast number of rubber duck variations out there (Google "novelty rubber ducks," I dare you...or actually don't- since I looked them up a couple days ago, my browser and Amazon are showing me endless images of alternative rubber duckies that I might want to purchase.)

I think the kids liked this one a bit more than say, Coyote Carrie Cassowary.... but not much.

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