This is an overview page for the 31 drawings that I made during Inktober 2016

The sequence runs in reverse chronological order from October 31st at the top to October 1st at the bottom.
Select the images to see them enlarged, select the titles to see the original posts with discussion about the images.

The initial concept, if I can call it that, was that I would use some pseudo medical terms to inspire a humorous drawing of a head with some extra elements. 

Quickly it became clear that I was drawing about some recent health issues I had over the summer, and all of the research that I had done on "Functional" or "Alternative" medicine while working on improving the situation.  I also came to the conclusion that I could only inflict these indignities on my own likeness, so they are all self portraits, kind of. And I was still hoping that they would be funny.

Keeping the stakes low, I used some paper I found in a drawer. I think it might have been 20 or more years old. Each sheet is around 15" x 11" The drawings are pencil, ink and watercolor.

Spontaneous Remission and Adaptation
"Health Journey"
Catabalism with Debatable Adrenal Fatigue
Hyperpalatability With a Side of Gluten and Glucose Intolerance
Rebiosis with Related Immunologic Stimulants
Excessive Fermentation
Unsubstantiated Nightshade Sensitivity
Unresolved Opposing Dietary Philosophies and Macros
Challenged Oral Microbiome
Managed Negative Stress Response

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