Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Fallout Boy

The apocalypse will be fun as long as there are cool weapons.

My older son wanted me to draw him as a character in the game Fallout. Fallout takes place in the hypothetical post-apocalyptic future, but has a cool 1950's look. I made no attempt to draw a gun that is actually available in the game. (I'm only in the first week of the two napkins per lunch situation, and already quality is starting to suffer!) My son told me the weapon was good enough nonetheless. And...this is not a particularly good likeness of my son, but since I made him look a bit anime-like, he was quite pleased with the result.

Note the prominent firearm in the this image.  We are now in summer camp, and the situation is a bit more relaxed than during the Quaker school year.... Still, I had to fight the urge to draw a piece of fruit on the business end of the gun.

(you can see all the strawberries stuck onto various weapons in the past at this link, although you will have to scroll down a bit to get to the older napkins that feature fruit stuck on swords and guns)

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