Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Robin for Ansel

Robin for Archer

Red and Blue X Dogs for Ansel

Speedy for Ansel

Red Robin for Archer

Proto for Archer

Kid Flash for Archer

Proto with Ace for Ansel

Batman and Clayface for Ansel

Nightwing Upside Down for Ansel

Nightwing with Staff for Archer

Nightwing Dog

Batman and Nightwing for Archer

Kid Flash with Thumb for Archer

Fire Mario for Archer

Batman with Grapnel for Ansel

Batman's Glider for Archer

Nightwing's Pecs for Ansel

Batman and Ace for Ansel

Teen Titans for Ansel

Nightwing and the Sole of his Shoe For Archer

Super Dogs From "Krypto the Super Dog" for Ansel