PuppyMonkeyBaby Drawing Project

A drawing series prompted by the PuppyMonkeyBaby concept from the rather disturbing Mountain Dew ad campaign that first aired during the 2016 Super Bowl.

The commercial reminded me of a favorite childhood game "the exquisite corpse" where three people draw a three vertical thirds of a creature without being able to see the other contribution, resulting in a ridiculous composite.

To describe the parameters of this project specifically:

Watercolor drawings of ridiculous creatures made of three stacked parts, composed of three rhyming nouns that end in the long “e” sound.

I originally started these as a way to get some practice "Not Drawing on Napkins."  It had been a long time since I had used ink and watercolors....or really anything besides markers on absorbent paper products. My kids are not as involved in this series, as some of the references are outside of their milieu... But it does give me an opportunity to explain who Telly Savalas or Sissy Spacek are.

And they are always happy to offer their critical assessment.

(Click on the individual images to see the original posts
The drawings are listed here in more or less chronological order from first to most recent.
As you can see the photographs have been taken in various light situations that the white balance on my camera phone and copy of Photoshop cannot solve. They are all watercolor on BFK Rives Printmaking paper- I had a few sheets stored in a drawer for the last couple of decades.
At some point I will scan the lot of them and try to make the pictures here more consistent)

Telly Tony Shetland Pony
Yogi Yeti Plate of Spaghetti
Budgie Barney Barbie
Coyote Carrie Cassowary
Chucky Bucky Rubber Ducky

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