Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Popular MMOs MMOnster from "Monster Legends"

Our older son has been playing "Monster Legends" and was fixated on acquiring a powerful character designed to look like the avatar of Pat, a youtuber who posts videos as PopularMMOs.

As an elderly person who grew up in the early days of "Pong" (hard to believe, but sadly, it's true) I find it hard to get my mind around the whole "in app purchase" situation and the spending of real money ("real" as in "a significant amount") to buy credits or characters within games.

We give our kids a little weekly allowance so that they can experience making their own choices about what is most important to them. Our older son is very clear that acquiring characters like the MMOnster is his most important goal. I have some ongoing problems with this sort of purchase, and much to his dismay, have expressed my opinion assertively and frequently. However, I have to let him make some choices for himself.

But, he had borrow money from his younger brother to make this one work.  

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  1. Was it worth it???? I'm in the same situation with my 10 year old son!!