Friday, October 16, 2020

Sweet Dreams Bears


(A post from October 1st)

Inktober 2020, Day #1:

Inktober presents an opportunity for bad drawing on a deadline once again...and not even on a napkin!

I’ve tried to keep up with the one ink drawing a night mandate of inktober for the last 4 years, much to the distaste of everyone in my immediate environment, and any remaining followers here. I’ve managed to limp through most of the month in years past, but I have to admit, given the competing demands on my time right now, the prospects are pretty grim this year.

But sadly, I haven’t given up yet.

Sometimes I just need to make some crappy drawings with the excuse of an artificial deadline. 

In previous years I have exploited my kids and made drawings about my weird health and sleep fixations. I hatched several plans over the last few weeks, but finally decided today that it should be more in the original spirit of the napkins- though, yes, this is a watercolor.

So I am drawing from the memes and videos that our sons are always trying to get me to watch.

This one is an older video, still on YouTube at close to 3 million views...though the 10 hour version has a mere 1.8 million views. The bears flop around endless to the Eurythmics’ “Sweet Dreams.” It’s oddly compelling even to those resistant to the charms of idiotic videos.

I haven’t done it justice at all. 

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