Friday, October 16, 2020

Everybody Gangsta ‘Til Rodents Who Are Probably Not Beavers Start Pushing One Another

Inktober 2020 Day 6

This one is known as “everyone gangsta ‘til the beavers pull up” and is, of course, popular with many people, including our kids.

The “Everybody Gangsta Until...” meme started back in 2015 with ...”until the cockroach flies” and has proliferated into a thousand iterations from “until your mom catches you rioting” to “til the pelican pull up at the store” 

The supposed beavers here were my first exposure to this meme. How on earth had I missed it for the last five years? 

They are standing on their hind legs and awkwardly and ineffectually shoving one another. (It’s not unlike Spider-Man fighting Jesus) There seem to be two sizes of the creatures, and the smaller ones keep trying to get in the middle of things. This is, for some reason, funny.

But I just have to point out: they are clearly not beavers. Maybe something like a groundhog? Which I learned this evening, is the same animal as a woodchuck and is sometimes know as a “whistle pig” or a “land beaver” (“Whistlepig Day?”)

I have learned so much today.

Though these pushy critters don’t really look like groundhogs....But definitely not beavers. The tails are wrong. 


Everybody Gangsta Til the Pedantic Old Lady Shows Up to the Meme Party.

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