Monday, October 26, 2020

Pug Screams At God?


God Is Dead.

But We Have Screaming Pugs.

Inktober 2020 Day 15

There are a lot of videos of pugs making noises that one might consider paying money not to hear. But judging by the millions of views, there seems to be something redeeming in the awfulness.

This choice video “Pug Party God Is Dead,” features a woman repeatedly announcing in a sing-song voice, “Pug Party?!” 

The pug responds with enthusiastic, but utterly horrifying wails. 

Superimposed on the screen are words and phrases like, “END MY SUFFERING,” “PLEASE FUCKING KILL ME” “FUUUCK,” and of course, “GOD IS DEAD” 

Because pugs do like their  Nietzsche references. 

My suspicion is that the screaming pug thing was mostly popular some years back, but this particular video  was reposted recently and caught one of our sons’ attention. 

It is oddly appropriate for 2020. Though I can’t really explain why.

But I am always happy to draw a pug, particularly one on a red and green rug.

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