Friday, October 16, 2020

Another Bad Drawing of Something You Shouldn’t Laugh At

Inktober 2020 Day 9

Our older son really enjoyed showing me a video of a man bouncing an infant on a yoga ball until the ball suddenly explodes- apparently just at the moment that he does not have a firm grip on the baby. The baby drops behind the activity box on the floor, completely disappearing as if swallowed by the floor.

My son pointed out that I seemed compelled to make the same startled noise as the baby dropped every time I watched the matter how many times I had seen it already. 

Usually the enjoyment of watching other people wipe out on youtube does not extend to infant injury, but somehow the performance of dubious parenting here makes this weirdly compelling viewing. (The initial bouncing is a maybe a little ill advised for a baby too young for  head and neck control, and then perhaps startled, the guy actually stands up as the baby falls rather than trying to stop the descent)

Luckily our kids survived their infancy, and now my bad parenting manifests in allowing them to watch baby dropping memes.

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