Monday, October 26, 2020

Lumberjack Fail


Workplace Fails: The Graceful Lumberjack Edition

Inktober 2020 Day 20

Most of the videos for the Inktober series were brought to my attention by our kids, but I thought I should give my spouse a chance to select.  He is partial to the #OSHAisthisok genre of humorous workplace accidents.  

Many of the situations are based on astoundingly bad judgement and poor understanding of the mechanics of the physical world : ladders on top of ladders on top of joint compound buckets, opening beer bottles with angle grinders, tipping over ridiculously top-heavy forklifts, backing excavators into bodies of water, etc, and the ensuing accidents seem well deserved.  Others involve substantial and cringe-inducing injuries that seem undeserved even by unsafe idiots. 

This particular example hails from the @lumberjack_daily account, and features a remarkably graceful back flip performed by the lumberjack as the large tree he just cut take out the platform he was standing on. Having looked carefully at the video, I am reasonably certain that his chainsaw landed safely far away, so hopefully there was not any serious injury.

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