Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Twins From Terraria

What could be worse than a giant laser shooting eyeball?
Perhaps a giant eyeball with teeth?

As I may have mentioned before, Terraria features many creative monsters and bosses, and several pair sensitive body parts with pointy teeth. 
Ansel was so pleased with the giant eyeball concept that he made some additions to our zombie eye paperweight so that it would look more like a Terraria boss. (Why do we have a zombie eye paperweight?... Excellent question that)

And speaking of disturbing images.  I was googling a bit, looking for a good close up of a human eye to use while drawing this napkin, when I came across several good views of what is really going on in human eye anatomy.  I'm not sure why I never really gave much thought to what feature physically creates the beautiful color patterns that we see in irises. Now that I have seen the actual structure, it makes perfect sense...and I see it whenever I look at an eye.... and I find it very disturbing.  

...more disturbing even than an imaginary eyeball with teeth.

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