Friday, February 6, 2015

Terraria Boss Ocram, Second Form

Not Just Another Pretty Face:
Finishing up the week with another Terraria boss

The Terraria wiki entry tells me that this handsome guy is the final boss of the mobile and console versions of the game.  The wiki goes on to offer all sorts of information and advice, including the usual compliment of colorful Terraria names: Ocram can be summoned using the "Suspicious Looking Skull." He (or she?) can be fought using a "MegaShark" and 1000 Crystal Bullets. When defeated, he drops "Souls of Blight."

Ocram looks a good bit like a Predator, (the pop culture alien rather than lions, tigers and bears) so it is not surprising that my older son found him to be rather interesting.

I don't think my younger son knew what he was going to get when he requested this one, however.  When I showed him the napkin this morning, his reaction was something like, "huh."

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