Sunday, January 24, 2016

Snow Day

Snow Goons visit our house...if only...

Our kids are big fans of Calvin and Hobbes.  They appreciate Calvin's imagination and constant attacks on parental authority.  While my sympathy now lies more with Calvin's parents, I do admire his incredible industriousness when it comes to building snowmen. (Take a look at "Attack of the Deranged Mutant Snow Goons" for the malicious two headed snowman.)

As you may have heard, we got a whole lot of snow in New York City yesterday.  This was initially not so inspiring to our in-house attackers of parental authority. They saw it as an opportunity for unimpeded screen time, officially condoned by the mayor of New York. (He told everyone to stay inside!)

It would have taken a visit from Calvin and Hobbes style Snow Goons to get them off the couch... maybe.

Blizzard over, we did insist that they play outside today. They built a snow fort and then collapsed it, spilling snow all over the sidewalk that their parents had just finished laboriously shoveling.

Calvin would have been proud.

After the collapse of the snow fort:
(Don't be too concerned,
there are two kids in this photo)

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