Thursday, January 14, 2016

Post by Bruce Kasanoff on Napkins

Bruce Kasanoff is a social media ghost writer and a coach. He writes under his own name for Forbes and publishes article under his Linkedin profile. He also writes books, including two with the winsome titles of "How to Self-Promote Without Being a Jerk" and "How to Grow Your Career by Helping Others."

Looking over Mr. Kasanoff's many articles makes me reflect on my mostly accidental relationship to social media. In the time of slow dial-up modems, before I had kids, I spent a significant portion of my time promoting my sculpture and photographs. I used to joke that self promotion was my only hobby. Before there was such a thing as Facebook, I worked hard on updating my website, producing mailings and checking the log files to see who was actually looking at the site.

Since my kids arrived 13 years ago and began monopolizing all of my free time, (and draining my life force) I've done very little promotion of my art work. In the meantime, however, social media has become a global and many platformed thing which is strangely receptive to images of our napkins. The napkins have received far more attention with little or no effort on my part than my sculpture ever did even when I was really trying hard.

Mr. Kasanoff looks at our napkins from his very positive viewpoint. I am pleased to think of the napkins as being motivated by pure love for my kids. I do suspect that there is also a bit of pathology, compulsion and self aggrandizement mixed in there with the love.

Now if I could just get that pathological compulsion and self aggrandizement to do some work for me on social media....

Click on the photo above to read Mr. Kasanoff's very kind article on the napkins.

Thanks again Bruce!

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