Sunday, January 31, 2016

BB8 In Frosting

This is the frosting that you are looking for...if you are a nine year old fan of Star Wars anyway.
February is a cruel month full of the squirting of frosting. Two kids' birthdays in one month, narrowly separated by Valentine's Day was definitely poor planning on my part. 
But as of today: one cake and a classroom full of birthday snack cupcakes "faculty appreciation valentine themed brunch" and another birthday cake and cupcakes left to frost before I can hang up my wax paper tubes and boxes of confectioners sugar for another year.

Below you can see the cake with its very much beloved toy brethren, the Sphero BB8.
(and from this view, you can tell that I ran out of dark blue frosting at 1 am in the morning and resorted to putting the date on the front of the cake instead)

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