Thursday, January 14, 2016

Clinton/ Organa 2016

Who would not enjoy seeing Han Solo as first spouse?
(of the Galactic Republic, of course)

Here I find myself risking antagonizing those whom I have not already annoyed with the Obama/Yoda or Trump/Binks napkins. Perhaps I should first issue the disclaimer that this napkin does not necessarily constitute an endorsement for Hillary Clinton for the presidential seat.

Nevertheless, whatever one thinks about Ms. Clinton, I feel confident that most people would join me in supporting the idea that my sons ought to know who she is. With some prodding, our 8 year old allowed that he was aware that "there is a girl who wants to be president." I hope we can do a little better than that.

And I think we might all agree that if we are looking at the Star Wars universe for Hillary analogues, she does have some things in common with General Organa (played by Carrie Fisher- formerly known as "Princess Leia" for those of you blissfully ignorant of the latest Star Wars movie)...

Leia and Hillary share a few attributes including gender, age, a charismatic, if morally problematic spouse, a position of power within a contentious struggle, and a large group of people within her universe who would really, really prefer that she not gain any more power.

There are so many incendiary possibilities here in the "Star Wars Meets American Politicians" topic":
Chris Christie and ?.... Bernie Sanders and ?..... With very little effort, I could probably manage to piss almost everyone off...including my sons.

My younger son requested a drawing of an animal that is a combination of an owl, pig and unicorn for the next napkin.

Sounds safer.

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