Sunday, October 2, 2016

Non Elective Endogenous Parasitism

(Maybe You Should See a Doctor About That?)

I am starting my #inktober posts a day late: 
(But I did draw this on October 1st)

Silly pseudo- sciencey names as the departure point for weird stuff on heads is the theme for these drawings. 

This is based on some silly health issues we've been working on around here which had led me to wallow in a lot of pseudo-sciencey research...

Sadly, these will not be drawn on napkins. Just ink and watercolor. 
But there will be more napkins with recognizable characters and no rat feet coming up, I promise.

Inktober is a monthlong daily "drawing challenge" to do one ink drawing a day for the entire month of October, initiated by author/artist Jake Parker. (See or for more information)

I am always a sucker for a structure which provides an excuse for me to do dopey things with lowered expectations... "I had to do one every day, so of course they were going to be lousy!"

I'll just apologize now for what might be coming up...if I manage to actually produce one a day, that is. My late night drawing privileges have been revoked since the advent of the silly health stuff, so I have to draw things like rat feet on my head during daylight, while other people are awake...which makes it much harder.

"Mom! Why are there rats on your head?"
"Because I couldn't in good conscience put them on anyone else's head, honey."

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