Saturday, October 8, 2016

Dysbiosis with Psychosomal Intestinal Permeability

Don"t be distracted by the leaky gut.


While I had what looked like a skin disorder at the beginning of the summer, I quickly discovered that my digestive system was probably at least implicated, if not entirely to blame. One cannot read three sentences about alternative health or functional medicine lately without tripping over the aesthetically unpleasant term, "leaky gut."

I would have said that my digestion was pretty exemplary before the fun with the rash began. But now I have to self-identify as someone with "chronic intestinal permeability." Why this continues to be the case now that I go to bed early and no longer eat anything fun or convenient (pizza, bagels, ice cream, food in restaurants, etc, etc, etc) is a mystery that has yet to be solved.

But I can say for sure that I spend way too much time thinking about my gut and its contents.
...and that a good way to mess up your digestion is by worrying about it.
(I was originally gong to wrap my head with a human colon, but that proved to be too gross even for me to draw...although probably more interesting than just some generic intestine...maybe later...)

And for those who are becoming slightly annoyed- or are already very annoyed by me and my whining about health, perhaps I should add that this drawing series is just for #inktober2016 and will definitely not continue indefinitely.

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