Monday, March 11, 2013

Jellaby and Portia Watch The Bat Bat

My sons are always happy to reread the Jellaby books by Kean Soo at bedtime (and on the train on the way to school)  They have the right combination of cute and creepy for my sons's taste.

Today,  Jellaby and Portia are probably wondering why they are on a napkin with a bat wearing Batman gear (the Bat Bat as he is known around here)  Ansel was very specific that about what he wanted: instructing me that the bat should be "closer to the camera" so that he would appear larger in relation to Jellaby.  

I briefly considered dressing Jellaby and Portia in Bat themed gear also, but couldn't seem to make that work.  

Perhaps, as the owner of some not very useful batwings, Jellaby is just admiring the bat's flying skills -as well as his stylish cowl and utility belt?

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