Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hot Dog Upside Down

The Skylanders Hot Dog onslaught continues:  I resorted to drawing him upside down for novelty's sake.  (And of course there is at least one website devoted to dogs upside down, although they are all reversed for comic effect) Ansel wanted a close up of his face, thinking that I then was going to draw all the other body parts on other napkins so that he could assemble them into a "life-size" multi-napkin whole. 

Once several years ago, I drew Captain Rex for Archer on several napkins: The helmet napkin made some sense, but "Captain Rex's torso says: "Have a heroic lunch, Archer!"... (not to mention his groin)... did not work as well.

I suggested we just do a large painting and skip the multiple napkin project, but Ansel clearly felt that Archer had gotten something extra that he was missing.  And Archer brought up the fact that I had not finished Captain Rex after all.  He wants me to do his feet. Now.

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