Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Coyote-Carrie-Cassowary and Budgie-Barney-Barbie

Two more watercolors in the PuppyMonkeyBaby inspired series.
I can see that I am going to have to find a way to shoot snapshots of these in a consistent light situation.  I had felt pretty proud of myself for having upgraded to a cell phone camera app that allows me to set the white balance, but clearly this is not enough.  

That's Carrie from the classic 1976 horror movie starring Sissy Spacek as the telekinetic teen who has pig's blood dumped over her head at the prom. There was a 2013 remake so Carrie is not just ancient history. But my sons were still not particularly interested.

I was sorry not to get to draw the Cassowary's head, but I thought the four syllable name needed to go  at the end. And Sissy Spacek's feet were not going to be very recognizable. Cassowaries are apparently known as "The World's Deadliest Bird"- or at least they are in the context of sensational videos on Youtube. (Google "Cassowary Attack" for extra time-wasting entertainment.) 

Wikipedia states that they are shy and usually avoid humans.  That is unless they are being antagonized into trying to disembowel annoying people for the entertainment of internet viewers. So perhaps a Cassowary was an appropriate choice for Carrie's lower half beyond the fact that the two words rhyme.

While I was a '70's child who would watch practically anything horrible broadcast on TV, I had a special dislike for the Flintstones. And as a precociously angry feminist, I always refused to play with Barbies unless I was melting them in a fireplace.  (Only happened once) 

I have, however,  always like budgies and parakeets.

My sons don't have much of a relationship with the Flintstones. They haven't seen the more recent movies or the original show. But if they had the opportunity, I am sure they would watch it at least once if they thought it would really annoy me.

One of my sons did have a romance with Barbies when he was a toddler. (I will refrain from specifying which one to avoid intense domestic strife and additional future therapy bills.)

He really liked the Disney Princess line of Barbies that were on sale at a local pharmacy. They were just about his favorite thing around the time that we were finishing up his toilet training. Thus the princess Barbies became the incentive items for his performance in the bathroom.

For quite a while afterwards, family members would announce their need to visit the bathroom by saying, "I need to go earn a princess."

My sons are unfamiliar with the movie "Carrie" so they were not particularly impressed with my choices in that drawing either.  They of course feel that I should exclusively be drawing characters that they are interested in. 

Coming up next is ChuckyBuckyRubberDucky featuring the killer doll from "Child's Play" and Bucky Barnes aka the Winter Soldier, so perhaps they will be more enthusiastic about that one....

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