Thursday, March 31, 2016


From the PuppyMonkeyBaby series of drawings
(Exquisite Corpse style creatures made of three stacked parts with rhyming names that end with the long "E" sound)

The "Jessie" show is a bit of a sensitive subject around here. One child is partial to it- for sociological research purposes no doubt- and the other loathes it on principle. I am more in the latter camp...but despite my aging angry feminist concerns about the show's spin on class and gender, I know there are worse things he could be watching. 

The Loch Ness monster is always popular with my sons, but I found it difficult to put a water dinosaur in the middle of the body.

I had a Dressy Bessy doll back in the 70's...yes, it was the very early 70's...or maybe even the late 60's, dear god... She was paired with a Dapper Dan doll for boys. They had zippers and buttons and shoe laces for kids to practice fastening and tying.
Dressy and Dan did not have any Velcro however.
That's mostly the fastener of choice with my kids...

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