Saturday, April 2, 2016


takes a stroll with 
Blondie•Zombie•Mahatma Gandhi:

(Another drawing in the PuppyMonkeyBaby series)

Bambi's Blondie is from the "Blondie" comic strip- as in Dagwood and Blondie Bumstead, a newspaper comic strip that, remarkably enough, has been running since 1930 until the present. (The strip was also adapted into 28 low budget movies produced from 1938-50.) I read the strip in the morning newspaper during my childhood and always found Blondie's cartoon "shapely" figure and housewifely charms very disturbing.

The Blondie on the right is Deborah Harry, the lead singer of the eponymous 1970's & '80's new wave/punk rock band which was a feature of my early adolescence. I can't hear "Heart of Glass" without it evoking a seventh grade dance. 
She doesn't mean very much to my sons. They were both rather troubled by the outfit I chose for her zombie body. My older son opined that it was "inappropriate for a blog that kids look at."

They do know who Gandhi is.

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