Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Thank You Note

Just to demonstrate that not every napkin is well drawn or, ahem, "culturally relevant."

Ansel just completed an intensive six week tutoring program which was staffed by six unfailingly positive, supportive, professional, and not incidentally as far as my son is concerned, extremely attractive young women. I can barely get Ansel to look at a few flash cards with me without all sorts of pain and suffering and maybe even the shedding of blood. They, however, were able to effect a miraculous transformation in his reading skills.

The question of what sort of token to give these exemplary young women to indicate our appreciation for their hard work was one for which I could not really find a satisfactory answer. 
Thus, among other things, this "Thank You Napkin" happened.  I had to make six prints of it, as there was no way that I was gong to manage to produce six individual napkins. 

Although had I done six napkins, perhaps the practice might have led to one satisfactory portrait of Ansel. As it was, I made my son look a bit like a pasty faced, annoyed old lady (a much more apt description of myself).

But it's bright, isn't it?