Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Eren's Titan from "Attack on Titan"

Archer is still thinking a lot about "Attack on Titan"... the game, the television series and the manga books.

I have managed to remain mostly ignorant of what is apparently a big cultural phenomenon in Japan, but this probably cannot last. With particular delight, Archer showed me a Subaru commercial featuring attacking titans, arguing that this was evidence of the broad popularity of the franchise. I said, well, yes, it must indeed be popular in Japan. "How do you know this commercial is only running in Japan?" he asked. Well... it is in Japanese. I think the American equivalent would probably feature a General Motors vehicle being used to escape a horde of zombies.

Archer asked for the main character Eren's titan for today's napkin. In the "Attack on Titan" story, not only is the world endangered by giant naked (but genitaless) humanoids, but some regular humans can morph into these creatures in order to battle the others. (Still no genitals, though.) Perhaps this is an essential difference between Japanese and American culture? America's favorite monsters- zombies and vampires- are rarely naked.


  1. WOAH!... you make these ... every day??? WOAH! the best mom EVER! your work is amazing... i especially love your godzilla napkins just awesome. thanks for sharing your work!