Sunday, July 13, 2014

Cherry Blossoms with Cat and Bird

I think it is safe to say that neither of my sons have ever requested flowers to be drawn on a napkin.

There was a lovely period before enforced gender conformity, when I was drawing princesses for Ansel.  Having said that much, now I cannot resist sharing a family annecdote... Ansel's interest in princesses coincided with the final phase of his toilet training, so I was using Barbie style Disney princess dolls as rewards for the successful evacuation of solid waste into appropriate recepticles. (And yes, I would have avoided buying such unrealistic- body-image-purveying dolls for a girl child, but somehow bucking gender conformity to buy them for a boy canceled out my feminist objections to the dolls). At any rate, here is the punch line to the story: we still occasionally refer to visiting the bathroom for solid waste as "I need to go earn a princess."

To return to the napkin  above:  it is rare that I get a girly request these days.  The floral napkin pictures here  is for a  7 year old daughter of friends, and was the result of a school fundraising auction.   All she asked for was "cherry blossoms"   No weapons, no lasers, no trademarked characters.  I hardly knew how to proceed.

After looking at hundreds of cherry blossom images  online, I was somehow compelled to add the animals into what became a rather fussy image.  I hope she is not too disappointed.

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