Monday, July 21, 2014

Eren in Fire Titan Form from "Attack on Titan"

The obsession with "Attack on Titan" continues to blossom at our house.
We only have 5 of the 13 (and counting) manga volumes, but it is clear that I am going to have to come up with the others sometime soon.

As images of saucer-eyed children being devoured alive by giants passes for relaxing bedtime fare around here, I've been reading the books out loud in the evenings.

Doing so has made it clear why our sons love the series.  It is a fine distillation of the youthful fantasies of being able to rocket through the air to successfully battle giant monsters.

The fact that the heroic young protagonists are rendered in generic anime style as big-eyed waifs and most of the titans are more realistically drawn to look like schlubby, clueless adults is also an appealing facet, no doubt

The main large-eyed young protagonist Eren, can morph into a titan himself, but his titan is muscular, pointy-eared and can burst into flames, so he is definitely no schlub.

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