Monday, January 6, 2014

Scribblenauts At Our House

Rarely are my sons drawn to an app or game that is age appropriate, and... dare I type the words?... educational.

Scribblenauts is one of the outstanding exceptions.  The game creates characters and objects based on the player's typed requests.  It is true that Archer loves it because he can ask for things like "Derringer" and actually get a specific sort of gun, so perhaps I should revise the age appropriate description.  But in a world that contains things like Grand Theft Auto (Archer is devastated that we will not let him play what he calls affectionately GTA) Scribblenauts looks really good to me.

Ansel is finally getting to the point that he can type in his own requests (with significant assistance) and the above characters hanging out around our couch are a few of his favorites:  The Grim Reaper riding a griffin, Anubis, the Minotaur (also summoned by "manbearpig") with the skeleton warrior on his back, and the Egyptian god Ra.  Lazy napkin decorator that I am, I neglected to draw one favorite, the "Antidisenstablishmentarian"(a guy in black with a red bandana over his face) who was riding a flying chimera.

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