Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hamster and Komodo Dragon With Cookies

Our sons are entranced by the idea of Komodo dragons.  I'm not sure the reality would be so appealing.  Our older son did a class project on Komodos last year and is still a self-proclaimed authority. His younger brother's interest was suddenly revived yesterday, leading to a request.

I felt inexplicably compelled to include Fluffy. Briefly, I contemplated some sort of lion taming pose, taking advantage of the often pictured gaping Komodo maw, but decided I did not want to be accused of imperiling the celebrity Hamster.

I posed Fluffy away from the Dragon maw, and gave her a vegetarian food offering to hold, trying to keep her from looking too much like a tasty morsel herself.

Below, a gaping Komodo, ready to swallow a Hamster and then some.

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