Friday, January 17, 2014

Hamster RoboCop

RoboFluffy: The first grade hamster cosplays as the Robo Remake:

We had the pleasure of viewing the preview for RoboCop 2014 recently. I'm pretty sure that this PG 13 rated movie was not made specifically for 6 and 10 year old boys...but perhaps the trailer was...

I had some obvious difficulty altering the suit to accommodate the hamster physique. 


  1. Really enjoying the "Hamster" series. I look forward to seeing what you create each day in my email subscription inbox. I'm a twin mom friend of Jackie Caplan-Auerbach. I just wanted to let you know you have fans appreciating your dedication to this project and enjoying the results. :) Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the note Lorian! That's nice to know. I think we might be running out of road on the hamster series. While I still can't draw a hamster very well, I am going to miss it a little as it was at least a reliable subject matter. Often the most time consuming portion of the napkin project is figuring out what to draw...