Saturday, November 3, 2018

Inktober 2018 Day 24

Not Entirely Empty Inside:
(Second Face for the “Second Brain”)

Continuing on about the theme that we might all be overly focused on our heads...(and this from the person who has been drawing her own head every day for the last month)

Read any three sentences in the “health and wellness” space and at least one is likely to tell you that the gut is the key to overall physical and mental health. 

95% of our serotonin resides in the gastrointestinal tract, and there as many neural cells just in the small intestine as there are in the spinal cord. These are just two bits of the evidence that indicates that our heads may not exactly be in charge. 

But it’s harder to read expressions off a stomach, even one’s own. Unless it has a cheesy face.

And as long as I am driveling along here: I want to add that the "belly face" is an appropriate concept as regards the exterior of the body also. 

Enter “Belly” and “Face” into an online search field (and you will get some appalling videos of faces drawn or squished into protruding bellies) but the main link seems to be “FAT” Google suggests that everyone’s faces and bellies share the same pathological need for slimming assistance. 

Face and Stomach are the body definitely the two areas that concentrate dissatisfaction. Some people may be unhappy with, say, their ankles, but it’s not a pandemic.

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