Saturday, November 3, 2018

Inktober 2018 Day 18

Definitely Not As Cute As The Monkey On My Back:

We tend to think of other people’s heads as representing the whole person. And we tend to think of the essential part of ourselves as resident inside our own heads.

But there is evidence that emotion, and even thought, requires the rest of the body, at least as feedback loop, if not actual origin.

I’ve done a lot of work about the head vs the body in sculpture and drawing over the years without making any identifiable progress on the topic.  

And I’m afraid the proximate source of this drawing was the recent cover of National Geographic- “See The Bond of Monkeys and Humans in the Amazon” which featured a winsome monkey sitting on the head of a winsome child. 

Neither iteration of me is winsome. But while thinking about what could sit on my head, I did give some serious consideration to while I am less cute than a monkey....maybe I am more cute than a rat?...

But actually, no. Can’t make that claim.

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