Thursday, February 11, 2016

Baby Sloth Not Holding a Double Light Saber

Couldn't we all improve our appearance with a double bladed laser sword?

Our younger son has been writing a paper on Sloths this week. 
He has not shared much Sloth information with me beyond the observation that baby Sloths are really cute.

He looked at this napkin today and said, "I thought for a moment that he was holding a double lightsaber. That would have been much better."

Yes, a lightsaber would have improved the image immeasurably, I don't know how I possibly could have missed such an obvious improvement last night. I considered trying to change the boring blue pole to a glowing weapon this morning, but while I probably could have pulled off the saber itself, the effect of the light on the Sloth fur would have been pretty much impossible to manage.

And... you know...I didn't want to compromise my "artistic integrity."


Maybe I will draw a baby sloth with a double light saber tomorrow.... if I am not too busy drawing something artistically important like a Pug puppy in a Deadpool costume.

(I originally thought the Sloth should be upside down, but inversion seemed to compromise cuteness...maybe.)

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