Sunday, October 25, 2015

Blast O Lantern

With Halloween bearing down on us, I had big plans to carve pumpkins with the kids today, but was impeded by their sincere desire not to carve pumpkins. They don't like the messy business of cleaning out the insides, the actual carving takes too long, and they are totally uninterested in participating in my parental fantasy of a fun seasonal craft activity.

But, no question, they would be all in for blowing up a pumpkin.

One of our many books of collected Liō comics, "Reheated Liō," includes a strip about an exploding pumpkin where the blast actually creates the jack o lantern's features. Having looked around online at various videos of exploding pumpkins, I can report that this is not a realistic scenario. I did not have much success at drawing it either...lack of good source material, perhaps.

But if we could make it happen, the kids would definitely be into it.
Maybe we can explode a turkey carcass in November.

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