Sunday, October 11, 2015

Birthday Moose

What occasion could not be improved by a drawing on a napkin?

A woman who has been a close friend of mine since high school had a birthday today.  What could I give to a dear friend of over thirty years who just happened to be in town on her birthday?

I was slightly concerned she might be offended by the Mooseman.  She collected Moose related paraphenalia and tchotkes three decades ago, but I was pretty sure not so much in the present.  We are still consistently and warmly in touch, but I was slightly dismayed to find that I was having trouble coming up with a napkin image that might be less than 30 years out of date. But, after scrolling through years of her facebook feed and scraping around in the dusty corners of my prematurely senile mind, I could not do any better than something Moose related.

She took my callback to her childhood collection with good grace, and pointed out that he would double nicely as a Menorah.

(The number of candles only relates to the number of protruberances on the Moose antlers. We are both way past the age where an accurate number of candles should be lit on our birthday.)

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