Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Limecat and R2-D2

Internet Cats and Robots, Day 4:

Limecat and Artoo are not pleased that many people cannot tell the difference between a pomelo and a lime.

Limecat (later know also as Melon cat or helmet cat) was another one of the early lol cats passed around the Internet starting in 2003. The photo was often reproduced with the tagline, "Limecat is not pleased."

It seems wearing a pomelo rind on one's head is part of a Chinese mid autumn moon festival, and the original picture might be Chinese in origin. There have, of course, been many other memes of cats with fruit rinds on their heads since. Google "cats with fruit helmets" if you somehow missed this trend. My personal favorite is the "Scurvy Awareness Day" website,, and their gallery of  "scurvy free cats" wearing citrus on their heads. They have even given Limecat the name of Mr. Boots and, remarkably, also misidentified the headgear in question as a lime.

As to the question of why Limecat and R2-D2?
I can only say that I remain more than a bit of a formalist. For my 12 year old son who sometimes reads this blog: that means that I put the two together purely because of their similar shapes.

(Now I just need to find a robot who goes well with the cats wearing toast on their heads- otherwise known as "Inbread" or "Breaded cats")

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  1. Imma use this as my profile pic on youtube; Hope you don't mind...