Monday, March 23, 2015

Atchoum and the Iron Giant

Cats & Robots #13
Scary at first sight....But actually rather endearing.

In the last post, I said that we were done with the Cats and Robots thing, but it seems that I was wrong.

I decided that Atchoum was so distinctive that he merited last minute inclusion.  He is a recent arrival to the feline internet saturation party but is catching up quickly.  Google "Atchoum the cat," I dare you.  My favorite is the post: "Atchoum: The Cat Whose Death Glare Will Devour Your Soul."

Of course this is just an ordinary 9 month old cat we are talking about... albeit one with a disorder that prompts him to grow excess fur. Google "hypertrichosis" for a few minutes of fun....Or Google it adding the word "cat," and have less fun, but get many pictures of this particular cat.

I paired him with the Iron Giant's silhouette for a few reasons,. None of these reasons will be particularly convincing, but let's try some of them:  My kids refuse to watch the very nice  "Iron Giant" movie, althiugh I am not sure whyt. But I haven't given up entirely, so I did not want to leave the giant off of the robot list.  I thought Atchoum and the Giant each had some nice glowing eyes framed by black. (Yes, I have used this excuse for previous cat/robot combinations) And they are both initially frightening in appearance, yet friendly in person...or so I hear.

Ansel looked at the napkin today and said, "Oh come on! No one in my class is going to be able to recognize that!"

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