Thursday, December 11, 2014

Hero Factory Guy with Extra Appendages with Claws

It has been almost two years since the last napkin with a Hero Factory figure on it. This is certainly not because the toys have gone out of style at our house.  The boys are constantly reconfiguring them, adding new appendages and weapons.  

But...I am not very good at drawing them. They are complicated and perspectival, which makes them a fine showcase for certain lacks in my drawing abilities. 

I like to fantasize that the nightly habit of making these napkin drawings has improved my skills over the last 8 years.  But after muddling through this one last night, I have to wonder. 

(You can see the other 21 attempts at drawing Hero Factory characters at this link...if for some reason you want to do so)

Of course the napkins used to look something like this back in 2007 or 2008:

So, yes, there has been some improvement over the years. But much of it is mostly a result of time spent more than increased skill.  I fear that I might not produce a better 2 minute Sharpie sketch of Mr. Lucas today.

The camera phone I use to take the picture, however,  is much, much better.

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