Friday, September 5, 2014

Rufus the Pelican From "Dolphin Tale 2"

Through the magic of advertising, Ansel has been eagerly looking forward to the opening of "Dolphin Tale 2."  He enjoyed the first movie, and recently subjected his much afflicted older brother to viewing it again on TV.

We and I did had a bit of an argument last week about Winter's gender. Ansel was convinced that the famous dolphin was a boy, because, the minds of 7 year old boys, all meaningful protagonists are probably male. Cranky geriatric feminist that I am, I was determined to rain on his parade and went to the trouble of finding proof online that Winter definitely does not have a Y chromosome.

Rufus, the annoying pelican who is featured prominently as comic relief in the movie's trailers, however, is likely a boy.

I debated briefly about drawing Rufus in a more interesting way.... say, clutching a machine gun, or perched on top of a defeated foe (maybe a chainsaw shark?)  In the end, I decided to just keep it simple, and made his bill big since he seems to be poking it places where it does not belong in the movie.  Unfortunately, this perspective rendered him somewhat unrecognizable, and I used some girly colors. Ansel seemed less than impressed this morning.

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