Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Baby Legs Kowalski

Too Weird for School:

The kids were pretty pleased with the Land Shark, so Ansel came up with another character for the yet to be drawn, or plotted for that matter, web comic. Both kids almost always prefer recognizable characters on their napkins to something homegrown, but the web comic idea sometimes encourages an occasional exception.

Every comic needs a muscular guy, right?  I think Ansel was trying to make him funny by gifting him with the legs of an infant.  But the guy had to be wearing jeans so that he would still be a cool.  I had suggested something cute and short in order to show off his infant legs, but Ansel wasn't having any.  (A side note: neither of my sons has worn a regular pair of jeans, ever.  And not for lack of trying on their parents' part. Why wear jeans when you can wear pajamas, or at least sweatpants?  Coolness only goes so far, apparently)

Both kids stared blankly at the napkin this morning, apparently dumbfounded by its weirdness.
Ansel took a "Attack on Titan" napkin from the summer instead.

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