Thursday, May 22, 2014

Untickled Slow Loris With Strawberry

No endangered species were harmed...or tickled...during the drawing of this napkin.

(Archer is on a field trip today and took a packed lunch with a napkin for the second time this school year.)

Last night at bedtime...or let's be honest, it was a bit after official bedtime... Archer suddenly HAD to show us something important online.  After several unsuccessful spelling attempts, he finally managed to pull up images of the Slow Loris.  Apparently, this is one of those internet memes.  There are many images and videos of Lorises being adorable and behaving like pets... and apparently enjoying being tickled by humans.

Because few instances of internet cuteness can exist without a tail of guilt and awfulness:
When I looked up Slow Lorises after Archer went to bed to draw a picture for him, I discovered that, unsurprisingly, Lorises should not be pets.  They are an already endangered species and need to be left in the wild.  They are also nocturnal and extremely photo phobic, so their slow, amiable and pet-like behavior is purely because they are blinded and overwhelmed.  They are poisonous (the only poisonous mammal!) and most of the pet Lorises have supposedly had their teeth pulled out with pliers.  And lastly, the Lorises who are apparently enjoying being tickled in the popular videos are actually being tortured and we are misinterpreting their response. 

It's possible that all of the above information is just part of a killjoy environmentalist plot to rob people of the innocent pleasure of watching Lorises enjoying being tickled.  I cannot vouch for the sources.

But we won't be tickling any Lorises just to be safe.

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