Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Scooby Doo Cerberus

The gates to my personal hell might in fact be guarded by a three-headed Scooby Doo.
(Or, what is worse than drawing Scooby Doo? Drawing him three times.)

Can I begin by mentioning how much I hated the Scooby Doo TV shows when I was a child?

Like my loathing of the Brady Bunch, it was a dislike born of, and refined by, frequent exposure.  My hatred, however, did not seem to stop me from watching the show. Perhaps this was because it was the 1970's and there were limited choices in children's programming...or maybe I just enjoyed my own hatred?  It's hard to be sure some forty years later.

But now that there is infinitely more Scooby Doo franchise around to dislike, I find myself strangely less hostile.  This may be because I have sat through so much children's programming that is clearly  more offensive.  Aside from the most recent television series, (which insultingly imagines that Velma would want to become romantically involved with Shaggy... and Shaggy would be torn because he really likes the dog better) I've lost the energy to be insulted by the dog or the gang in their various incarnations.

I don't remember the exact proximate cause of this napkin.  I think it was an episode of one of TV shows that the kids watched on their day off last Friday, during which all of the "gang" dressed up in costume as Greek monsters.

On the napkin, however, Scooby literally has three heads.
I'm pretty sure Ansel does not have the same conflicted feelings about Scooby Doo that I have, but he found the napkin amusing enough to take it to school today.

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