Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tuaca Napkin

This afternoon, drawing a glass of alcohol was strangely more compelling than working on mortgage paperwork.  The deadline for this competition is tomorrow.  I am not entirely sure why it has been so compelling for me, beyond the obvious fact that very few people or corporations offer monetary incentives for drawing pictures on napkins.

I had much bigger plans for the trompe l'oeil aspect of this drawing, but the 20 minutes I had to give it forced me to be more realistic... or maybe less realistic.  

I spend a lot of time thinking about realism and the merits of accurate representation both in regard to my own work and students' work.  Unfortunately, I did not have any meaningful epiphanies while drawing this...beyond perhaps the not very useful and persistent observation that I draw better when I don't have time to try hard.

You can see my other cocktail napkin efforts here.
And view the Tuaca contest page here
 Below,  source material and the napkin alone:

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