Monday, November 18, 2013

Thor Faces a Minecraft Creeper

Thor versus a Creeper...Who would prevail?

I'm afraid the Creeper came out on top at our house over the weekend. My husband and I offered to take the kids to see "Thor: The Dark World," but our younger son preferred to stay home and play Minecraft.

It would be utterly pathetic to have to hire a babysitter in order to go see a superhero movie designed for small boys.

I blame the "Super Hero Squad" TV show for much of Ansel's dislike of the Thor character.  In that series, Thor is mostly comic relief: a long-haired girly-man with a funny accent who likes to admire himself in the mirror.  Ansel tells me the problem is not really Thor, however: he just doesn't like the Avengers "separated."  Meaning, the Avengers movie was OK, but none of that Iron Man, Hulk, or Thor stuff. 

I think the problem might be that the preview on TV was a little scary....
But those Creepers can be scary also.

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