Saturday, August 24, 2013

Napkin Not For A Lunchbox #18

Another napkin in the 24 hours of dysfunctional parenting series:  This one is for 7:05 am, when I try and take as brief a shower as possible, and invariably, something goes awry in the following five minutes.

As the kids were not in camp this week, I've been trying to chip away at this series...I only started it back in February of course.

A new school year is bearing down on us, and I might be hoping that our schedule might be more reasonable this year and/or  that I will do a better job at managing it...

Or, I might be more realistic about my prospects.

(You can see the whole series so far at this link.)


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  2. haha...Nina, I LOVE this one. Great drawing and capture of a moment!