Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Flame Fist Shark and Teddy with Nerf Titan Missile Launcher

The favorite bear at our house this week is a nondescript brown one straightforwardly named "Teddy."

On this napkin, Teddy is armed with a Nerf missile launcher.  Ansel is eagerly awaiting the arrival of this colossally overpriced colossal Nerf weapon named "The Titan."  He bought it with his share of the proceeds from the boys' yard sale last weekend.

Archer's contribution was a character who has flaming boxing gloves... who might as well be a great white shark.  Why not? Right?

The combination of the two was not one of my more successful efforts, but I did manage to put that Nerf contraption in the hands of the stuffed bear, more or less.

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